The Door In The Willow is the story of a ten year old girl and four other children who find themselves together due to traumatic circumstances.  The main character is the oldest of the five and the one who seems to be suffering the most.  A supernatural element comes into play and the adults are left wondering as to what is real.  None of the characters are still children by the end of the book. 

 This is a story of strength in the midst of fear and hope when circumstances seem hopeless.  

The book is very short and can be used as a tool; by having conversations about the story, people of all ages can realize that sharing their experiences can open a door of healing and hope for themselves as well. 

 If The Door In The Willow goes into a second printing, I will make it available once again.  Thank you for your interest.
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Thanks to those who came out to see us at Artists & Authors on July 9th at Puskas Party Center and at the book signing at Elyria Art Works Gallery.  It was also nice to be at the Avon Library with other authors, meeting folks.  I enjoyed speaking with you and hope to see you at future events.  Here's what's on the schedule:

Thank you to the patrons who purchased my work at the November 16th show.  I presently have no shows scheduled. 

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Watercolor and Prismacolor pencils on hot pressed watercolor paper.  Privately owned.


The painting above was done in pan pastel, gouache, and Prismacolor pencils on illustration board.  It was commissioned and is in a private collection. 

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