Allen was wishing me well concerning my TMJ pain with a drawing of himself and the old Mary Worth called Apple Mary.  He was a dear man and I miss him.


My name is Melba (Mel) Asberry. I'm an artist and a writer; a member of the International Writers Association.  Thank you for visiting my site, and thank you to all who came to my Artist and Author's event on July 9th.  I appreciate the artists and authors who took part and all of our patrons who came to Puskas Outdoor Party Center to meet us and buy our art and books! 

  I enjoyed meeting many new people during the book signing at the Elyria Art Works Gallery, along with my fellow members of the International Writers Association.  It was fun to announce the winner of the deluxe floral arrangement from Puskas Family Flowers. 

New events are listed on The Door In The Willow page. Thank you for your interest and your patronage.  With true gratitude, Mel